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Blocktimum Platform is carefully designed to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s financial markets

While many Distributed Ledger platforms make great promises, we understand the requirements for building a new production-graded foundation for rewiring global markets.

We have engineered the Blocktimum Platform to meet, and in many cases exceed, the strictest requirements of regulated market infrastructures and financial institutions around the world. We also deliver upon the fundamental benefits of synchronization and workflow automation that can unlock new business innovation, market-wide cost savings and material risk reduction.



Supporting end-to-end clearing and settlement activities for Exchanges, Central Counterparties, Central Securities Depositories and their market participants, including innovative new revenue-generating services.

Fixed Income

From issuance, auction and settlement, to OTC trading and asset servicing, demonstrating both privacy of market participant roles and transparency of regulatory oversight.

Repurchase Agreements

Providing the infrastructure to perform real-time, on-demand repo clearing and netting reducing operating cost and risk, and capital requirements.

Products Services

Blocktimum tailors our products to meet your specific needs 

Having ensured an understanding of the technology and a validation of any potential use case, engagements typically start with a proof-of-concept to validate functional requirements, the transition to prototypes and pilots to validate non-functional requirements, and then our applications are customized and integrated with your existing systems. Partners and end users are also able to perform customizations and integrations.